Jul 17, 2009

Last time around, Razorcake gave this a bad review, so I hadta come forward and put in my two cents! First of all, I confess to being close friends with both bands (the photo on the back of the CD was taken in my bedroom), so keep your grains o’ salt handy! The Modern Machines play completely amazing poppy Husker Du/early Lemonheads-sounding/touch of Devil Dogs punk. (Yes, that does make sense, I promise!) Although a lot of my favorite Modern Machines’ songs aren’t on here, you still need to hear it. And get their demo tapes if you really wanna experience sonic glory! (Zines from MRR to Now Wave have been goin’ ga-ga over their demos!) The Fragments play super catchy pop punk. And, puh-lease, do not think that I mean they sound like the Queers! Some of these tunes rank among the best pop punk songs I’ve heard in the last five years. And I give you a no-lame-lyrics guarantee! And great harmonies, too! The song “Burn This Place Down” (about the demise of the legendary Concert Café in Green Bay, WI) alone is worth ten bucks! (An important guarantee for pop punk these days!) If this split CD were a cereal, it’d be French Toast Crunch — an often-overlooked, but great cereal! One of the best CDs I’ve heard in a long time.

 –maddy (New Disorder)