Sep 24, 2007

Since Amy Adoyzie broke the ice on this in issue #39, yeah, the Modern Machines are hit or miss. It’s almost like they’re too enveloped by what they love and there’s some ADD going on where they can’t decide Hüsker Dü, Replacements, or themselves from song to song, record to record. These two cuts seem more intimate, stripped-down, and a bit less of a band and more a solo project, but I might just reading too much into it. Not as blown away as I was with their Snuffy Smile split, the one with the Star Wars references, which I liked considerably. The Measure: I’m a centered dude. I think I’m comfortable saying that I love The Measure. It’s totally a platonic love of admiration. Everything’s right in place, from the oscillation between Lauren’s and Mike’s voices, to the band’s sweeping sweetness, to me eating a big bag of shit by admitting that I actually like their cover of a Bob Dylan song. (Still waiting for someone to send me a non-ass CD of his songs because I’m still denying that lingerie-shilling Yoda has it in him.)

 –todd (Salinas)