MODERN HUT: Generic Treasure: LP

May 30, 2014

Everyone knows That Guy. He’s the dude at the party who knows a few chords and is quick enough on his feet to write clever little ditties on the spot. The frustrating thing about him is that the jokes present in That Guy Songs could be way better with a bit of refinement, but in That Guy’s head charm and wit trump practice and songwriting, and he inevitably winds up a frustrated insurance salesman a few years down the road. Despite the “lonely weird dude with a guitar” aura that emanates from this record from the get-go, Modern Hut manages to dodge all of the common That Guy symptoms. These song don’t rely on easy rhymes or turns—there’s craft here, as the singer tells tales of organs snipped from bodies in his lonely voice, usually with just a guitar as accompaniment (though Marissa from Screaming Females lends her unmistakable vocals to one of these). What could have been just another dweeb driving people from the kitchen of a house party turns out to be one of the best records I got for review this month. 

 –Michael T. Fournier (Don Giovanni)