May 08, 2013

I can’t say enough good things about Modern Action (both the band and the label). First as a band: They continue with that super catchy, punk rockin’, bouncing up and down thing (street pop?) that they started with The Bodies, and add to it. You feel the songs. My only complaint is the infrequency that new stuff comes out (although compared to The Bodies, they seem pretty prolific). As a label, Modern Action does a great job of not only putting out stuff by bands I know and love (Smogtown, The Bodies, The Briefs) but have introduced me to some of my new favorites over the last couple of years (Neighborhood Brats, Amoebas, Sharp Objects, Modern Pets). Now here they are joining forces with stalwarts Swingin’ Utters. While I have always appreciated the Utters, I’ve never really gone crazy for them like a lot of my friends do. Upon hearing the song on this split, I may have to rethink that. It’s a great tune. It sticks in my head (actually both band’s songs on this record do), and I love it. Great job once again. I’m off to flip the record.

 –ty (Modern Action)