MODERN ACTION: Self-titled and also Radioactive Boy: 7”

Another thing to thank punk rock for: its stubborn refusal to let the seven-inch single/EP format go the way of eight track tapes. The strength of the medium is that each release ostensibly forces a band to plop down at least one of their A-grade tracks for a given release if they have any desire for anyone outside their immediate group of friends to pay any attention to ‘em. The most memorable singles often had two A-grade tracks, and it appears this is a tradition Modern Action has paid close attention to not once, but on both of its first two singles. Four tracks of choice punk rock here, tight and wicked catchy, and though it’s clear they could’ve fit a couple more tunes on the second single given its brevity, they’ve wisely left listeners barely sated and hoping they don’t break up or fuck off for a couple of decades before dropping release number three into their laps.

 –jimmy (Modern Action)