MODERN ACTION: “Radioactive Boy” b/w “Problem Child”: 7”

Jul 29, 2010

…i actually think Modern Action are a kinda catchy band, in an Adolescents / Agression / Bad Religion / Blades / Joneses / Social Distortion kinda way, but, since they’ve seen fit to cop the air raid siren intro and fallout shelter label design of Social D’s “1945” 45 ((the only Social Distortion record of inarguable greatness)), i guess for this go-round they’re attempting to be kinda catchy in a “Social Distortion singing Adolescents songs if Mike Ness’s voice was an octave higher” kinda way, which seems like a lateral career move at best ((however, on the bright side, they managed to make it through an entire 45 without uttering the phrase “Modern Action”)). The A-side is medium catchy, i guess, but seems more like an album track than an A-side; the flip’s subject matter has been beaten to death by SoCal punk bands over the decades, and is inferior to the identically-titled songs by AC/DC, the Damned, and Wasted Youth ((dude, if you do a song with the same title as a WASTED YOUTH song, it better goddamn well be better than theirs! Please, no substandard “Uni-High Beefrag” compositions in your future!)). A-side runs 1:52, B-side runs 1:36, total running time 3:28. Down, boy! BEST SONG: “Radioactive Boy” BEST SONG TITLE: “Radioactive Boy” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Radioactive Boy?”

 –norb (Modern Action)