MODERN ACTION: Molotov Solution: CD

Jan 11, 2011

The tunes Modern Action lay down here and on their two singles (and it appears all the tracks on said singles are here as well) reek of not only late ‘70s/early ‘80s Southern California punk rock, but of specific bands I couldn’t quite dig outta my noggin. When Todd mentioned that the band was comprised of former members of the Briefs and the Bodies, however, it all fell into place: they sound like a synthesis of both those bands—poppy without resorting to pop punk clichés, a rock solid rhythm section and catchy hooks up the yin yang. While the Briefs’ occasional predilection for the sly, artier strain of bands like the Deadbeats is sorely missed, Modern Action retains all the muscle and the instant likeability of their predecessors while adding enough “new” to carve out the foundations of their own legacy.

 –jimmy (