MODERN ACTION: “Modern Action” b/w “Bleeding Red”: 7”

If you can put an exact scientific quantifier as to why bands like this ((whatever “like this” means)) sound immediately identifiable as being from southern California and nowhere but, i’d like to get my hands on your data. I can only guess that their mothers were frightened by the “Somebody Got Their Head Kicked In” comp LP whilst they were in the womb, because this band sounds so much like the bands on that record that if i were to go and look at the album cover today, i’d only be half-agog if i saw a Pushead character wearing a Modern Action t-shirt staring back outta the mosh pit at me. Snappy melodies and eighth-note cymbal rhythms aside, somebody might wish to take these lads aside and inform them that a chorus consisting solely of your band’s name repeated twenty times in a row ((the phrase “Modern Action” is uttered sixty-four times total in the song)) is rarely considered a particularly sterling bulwark of creativity. Then again, i’m always up for anything that makes me feel like it’s summer/fall ‘82 again, so thanks for that, if nothing else. BEST SONG: “Modern Action” BEST SONG TITLE: “Modern Action” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Modern Action”

 –norb (Modern Action)