Jan 18, 2007

Havoc re-released three EP’s of this band. There is a discography CD that includes all the 7”s if you missed out because the 7”s are supposed to be a limited release. There is even a super limited edition in an actual wooden box of the three 7”s. I believe those sold out fast. I bought one of those because I thought it was cool. If you picked up this 7” and didn’t know, the labels and packaging are all correct. But the tracks belong to the Marionett I Kedjor 7”. The tracks for this 7” are on the Marionett I Kedjor 7”. Confused? Easy, switch the records. But if you only got this one, you might be out of luck. But then again, it might be an eBay price lifter down the line. So which way do I go for the review? Do I go into my stash and review the actual record or do I review what was given to me? I don’t know. Well, both records start off with the title track as the opening song. Both records were recorded at different times in 1983. The music has a sound that is characteristic to the music of Swedish punk of the early ‘80s. If you can get a copy of the super 3x CD comp, Varning! For Punk, then you will know what I mean. Very raw and heavily influenced by bands like Discharge, Disorder, or Chaos UK but adding a melodic touch which many Swedish bands did at the time. If you are into their contemporaries like Anti Cimex, Avskum or Mob 47, this should be a no-brainer of a purchase. If you have an interest of early ‘80s Swedish punk, this band is a good place as any to get started.

 –don (Havoc)