Mar 14, 2007

Swedish hardcore from ‘83, pulled from the dustbin of history and polished up via Havoc Records. Archetypical hardcore stuff from the time period and locale, but since the lyrics are in Swedish, I have no idea whether they’re pro- or anti-gay when they have a song called “Anti Fag” or if they’re pro- or anti-fascist when they sing, “Skinhead, Seig Heil” over and over in the title track. Still, since it’s on Havoc, we’ll just assume everything’s on the up and up. Even with the remastering job, the vocals still sound like they were recorded in the deepest recesses of the Batcave, but I imagine that fans of the band couldn’t give a shit, considering the fact that this thing’s probably been out of print for twenty years or more.

 –keith (Havoc)