MODEL DOWN: Voicing the Circuit: CD

Jun 22, 2007

Three dudes kicking out a kind of sprawling and sparse rock that’s equal parts arrogance and sneering bravado of early Who, if you can believe that, and the “I’ve been gargling jet fuel for a decade but I finally figured out how to sing” quality of later-period Jawbreaker. It’s a formula that, written down like that, would never lead me to believe that I’d dig it, but I do. A lot. Model Down is using a combination of influences that has the potential to turn them into the most lackadaisical, self-indulgent, wanking shit-rock band ever, but somehow they manage to keep the rockometer up in the red the entire time. It’s a six-song EP, which was a good decision on their part. They’re one of those bands that would probably end up losing that wonderful sense of urgency on a full length, but as it stands now they’ve put out one sexy, snotty-but-subdued rock’n’roll record here. I’m down.

 –keith (Modern Radio)