MOCK ORANGE: The Record Play: CD

Jul 25, 2002

Mock Orange effortlessly unleash an auditory assault of frenetic high-energy indie rock melodiously mixed with emotionally fever-pitched sonic smoothness. It’s sometimes as harmoniously mellow as shimmering specks of spring-fresh sunlight gracefully sashaying across the tranquil, comforting waters of a mountainside brook and, at other times, as aurally raging as a volcanic eruption of catastrophic proportions. Overall, this is a refreshing swirl of musical splendor that caresses, cleanses, and rejuvenates one’s spirit while intensely touching the quiet, introspective depths of the soul. Indeed, The Record Play is a passionately moving sonic marvel that’s had a positive, everlasting effect on my ears, and I can guarantee it will continue to do so.

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Lobster)