Three piece punk outfit from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada who make the deceptively difficult task of writing catchy, boneheaded, and, most importantly, memorable pop punk tunes look easy. Yes, I said “pop punk” without a hint of the pejorative. “Ballad of the Red Dog” is a bouncy ode to the Red Dog Diner, where the hot dogs are cheap, the owners are FrenchFrogs, and the late night crowd is wasted. “Fuck off Baby” ends almost before it begins, delivering a concise, heartfelt message in a burst of Spits-like fury. The b-side is equally strong, with “Mike Molloy” occupying the same sonic space as the White Wires, and “Ogo Pogo” satisfying the perfunctory nod to the Ramones to which bands of this ilk often feel obliged. The Moby Dicks stand Mosrites and leather jackets above the scores of uninspired, talentless Queers copycats out there today.