MOB, THE: Let the Tribe Increase: CD

Apr 27, 2009

One of the best anarcho punk bands ever. While the majority went (and the new generation as well) for the hard-driving sound and a string of slogans, the Mob took a different route and offered something more human and believable. Their sound was mid tempo and dark, with the words clear and concise. The tone was full of despair and introspection towards war, human suffering, alienation, and the like. Musically, the songs range from straightforward, such as the classic “Witch Hunt” to abstract, as in the song “Roger.” This disc collects their Let the Tribes Increase LP, and the Mirror Breaks single, as well as a demo version of “Stay.” There’s also a history of the band, and what was happening in England around and during their time, complimented by a nice layout with full color photos, flyers, and more. Well worth your time. I do know Broken Rekids released a complete discography in the mid ‘90s. No idea if that’s still available. Also, if you like this band, then check out Blyth Power, and Zounds, which feature ex-Mob member, Joseph Porter. Then, seek out Thatcher On Acid, who stylistically were along the same lines.

 –M.Avrg (Overground)

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