MK ULTRA: Discography: 2xLP

May 20, 2010

MK Ultra existed pretty much all through the ‘90s and released a series of splits and songs on compilations before calling it quits in the early 2000s. The band might not get the attention and reverence of their Chicago peers Charles Bronson and Los Crudos—and MK Ultra were admittedly less prolific than both—but they were at least as good as either. And for the time being, they’re the only band of the three that now has a proper “best of” properly committed to vinyl. This is an epic fifty-five songs, plus a live set from the Fireside Bowl that’s spread across two LPs. The songs are arranged in reverse chronological order, so you get to hear the band dissolve from the straight-forward Chicago hardcore of the late ‘90s (with Ebro of Bronson/Crudos fame on the drums) to the early days of heavier, Born Against-inspired hardcore with their original drummer. I liked the older stuff better, but that’s just me. The packaging is excellent and comes with a massive pro-printed book that reprints a good bit of the artwork and lyrics from the records as they were originally issued. –Ian Wise

 –guest (Youth Attack,