MIXTAPES: Even on the Worst Nights: LP

Jan 11, 2013

The best shit comes your way when you aren’t looking for it. I don’t believe in fate or that the universe has a plan or any of that sitcom-type spirituality, but life has a way of handing you one record a year that you really fuckin’ need. In 2011 it was Houseboat’s Thorns of Life. 2012’s undisputed heavyweight contender for the record I really had to have in my life is Even on the Worst Nights. Rustbelt kids just tryin’ to figure it all out with a real knack for super-catchy melodies and big-ass hooks. They’re not reinventing the wheel or squaring the circle or whatever the fuck it is reviewers say when a band’s not “groundbreaking,” but damn are these songs good. Days are gray and shit generally sucks, but I get just a tiny little glimmer of hope when I listen to this record. Fuck yes.

 –Ryan Horky (No Sleep, nosleeprecords.com)

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