MISSLES / JUPITER SHIFTER: Missiles vs. Jupiter Shifter: Split 10”

Nov 28, 2006

The Missiles start off strong with a couple of punked up, AC/DC-crossed-with-Thee Machine Gun Elephant (minus that bands’ guitar virtuosity) sounding tunes. Singer, Takaichi, has a great, Land of the Rising Sun, Bon Scott snarl. “Guitar Yokosuka Thunder” really takes off once it gets to the chorus, and “Three Code Sensor” is memorable for the vocals, which are what I imagine a Japanese guy sounds like when he throws up. The last two songs venture, Icarus-like, a little too close to the brightly burning sun of Nashville Pussy and whichever ‘80s hair band it was that covered “Once Bitten, Twice Shy,” babe. Jupiter Shifter plays standard punk rock, with emphasis on the “rawk.” “Wing Store” starts off with a variation on the Spy Hunter riff and shifts into a slightly slower version of a Stallions song. Not bad. The guitar is way too up front in the mix of the subsequent two songs and you can’t really hear the vocals or the drums. The cymbals, however, seem to be crashing continuously. Not good.

 –benke (Wood Shampoo)