Sep 08, 2006

I refuse to start this review by comparing this record to this band’s earlier work. Or even 2002’s On off on. That’s because you should already have all those releases on your shelf. If not, I may have to drive by your house and throw an empty beer can on your front lawn. This record is bold, brash, and even beautiful in some spots. Inventive guitar, muscularly fluid bass lines and powerful drumming again make up the definitive Burma sound. Since there is not a song on here I dislike, I will break it down for you by songwriter. That way, if you don’t have time to listen to this with your morning coffee, you can do a quick shuffle play before it totally sucks you in. Best Clint Conley song: “2wice.” Best Roger Miller song: “Careening With Conviction.” Best Peter Prescott song: “Period.” Lest we forget the uber-talented Bob Weston who weaves a tangled sonic web with the production knobs that you should lie back in and relax. Early runs include a bonus DVD of four songs from a 2004 show opening for The Pixies. They look amazed to be playing an arena gig. But catch them in a club if they play your dustbowl, this record live will blow your head clean off.

 –koepenick (Matador)