MISSING MONUMENTS: Too Many People: 7”

The poppy, catchy, fun, and upbeat everything of this EP has got my toes tingling, heart racing, skin crawling, body swaying, and head bopping. Guitars twinkle between riffs and solos, a steady drumbeat repeats itself, and vocals reminiscent of Joey Ramone (circa Rocket to Russia) blare through my speakers. For fans of The Spits, Ramones, and Exploding Hearts. I cannot stress enough how absolutely taken I am with this release, and want to desperately urge every single person I come across to listen to this immediately. Hailing from New Orleans, LA, this foursome, featuring King Louie (of Persuaders, Royal Pendletons), slaughter and revive power pop; slaughter and revive me, everything I know, everything I thought I knew. My brain feels melted, my senses heightened, my body moving, blood flowing. The sudden end of this EP has me on my knees, pleading for more, but alas, I will just have to spin it again, and again, and again, until my record needle wears thin and betrays me. 

 –Genevieve Armstrong (Ghost Highway, [email protected] / Blondes Must Die, blondesmustdierecords.com, [email protected] / KOTJ, kotjrecords.bandcamp.com)