Sep 23, 2011

King Louie’s been in so many bands that it probably would be quicker to just name the bands he hasn’t been in, and yet, even with this gigantic treasure trove of previous data from which to draw reference material, all i can really think to say is that this sounds a lot like a Gentleman Jesse album ((which is, of course, a good thing indeed)), except the singing sounds a little bit more like Blitz, the playing is slightly less refined, and the whole shebang is just a few handfuls of buckshot rawer than a Gentleman Jesse offering, which, to me, suggests that this rootsy and indelicate power-pop ((i guess)) offering is the first Romantics album to the slick Get the Knack of the Gentleman Jesse & His Men album. And THAT, King Louie, is what i like about you. Well, that and the fact that you were great in The Jungle Book. BEST SONG: I was originally thinking the hit, “It’s Like XTC,” but now i am nudging towards the rocker, “Hot Class.” BEST SONG TITLE: “It’s Like XTC” BEST LINE: The one about the crickets kissing, or maybe the thing about the slashed brakeline. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Louis Prima was the voice of King Louie, because Disney thought that using Louis Armstrong’s voice for an ape mighta come off as racist.

 –norb (Douchemaster)