Sep 23, 2009

Always a kinda dicey affair for me whenever I hafta review a disc from a band that includes people I know, in this case Liz McGrath, whose old band Tongue I shared many a rehearsal space and bill with when I was in the Black Jax. Luckily, her latest musical endeavor, while nowhere near the oddball hardcore scree that Tongue reveled in, is a nice mix of rootsy rock, ‘60s garage rock, and Spector-tinged teen tragedy girl group fodder. It’s a little hard getting my head around an El Sereno girl affecting an occasional country twang, but she has a nice, rich voice that fits well with the music the rest of the guys in the band are laying down, and vice versa. Gotta admit, I kept half-expecting her to wind up and let fly some prime throat-shredding vocals while the band pummeled their instruments in wild abandon, but while that never happens here, what they did deliver was pretty danged good.

 –jimmy (Nickel and Dime/Triple X)

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