Sep 24, 2007

GODDAMN! GODDAMN! Maybe people will get Miss Alex White this go around! Who knows, though—when’s the last time an influential rock critic wrote an inspirational review? (Are there any influential critics anymore?) Ah, anyway, White has augmented her band with the addition of bassist Eric Wilamowski (who also doubles up on tenor sax). All of the great Jonathan Richman-inspired lyrics (“I Dig History”) and minimalism found on White’s debut (which went criminally ignored a couple years back) can be found on Space and Time; the record has a much more subdued production, which I don’t think is a good thing (you gotta tip your fucking hat to Jim Diamond), but the material is really fucking strong. I like this record ‘cause Alex really covers the gamut of everything I like about music: Stooges’ piano, Stooges’ high school marching band trained saxophone, ‘60s psychedelia (think hints of Surrealistic Pillow which is, in fact, an amazing album)… noisy, abrasive, and other adjectives cops use to fill up tickets for teenagers. This is a great album and great albums are seldom made these days, proving that In The Red is without a doubt the best label going right now. I’d have chucked this record reviewing racket into the wind years ago if it weren’t for them (which would have been an exceptionally good thing—damn you, Larry Hardy).

 –ryan (In The Red)

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