MISHAP #33 Vol. 2: 5 ½ x 8 ½”, copied, $1 or trade, 27 pgs.

Nov 24, 2014

This is the second volume of Ryan Mishap’s book review issue, the first half of which I recently raved about. I’m sure he had his reasons for making two volumes. Maybe to make it fold better or to split up printing costs? But they could have easily been included into one issue and for the better. There are some good reviews in this issue, but also many that assume the reader is familiar with the gist of the book or are simply way too short, leaving the reader without much to go on. For instance, in one review he says, “I find myself wanting to describe scenes and arcs, and characters—but you’ll just have to read them for yourself.” I feel Ryan’s original inclination was correct, the review is also lacking in a basic synopsis. Simply describing something as a “magical realist historical fiction graphic novel... with humor, seriousness, and respect,” is not enough to get me to check it out. When someone reads a book review, they should be ready to read the book, not to further research what the book is about. I have to come out and say that I’m a personal friend and fan of Ryan’s work so I know a bit more than others. (I’m his friend on goodreads.com, too.) I hope I’m not assuming too much, but feel like a lot of his reviews in here were first posted that site; some I’m pretty sure I’ve read. The downside of that is most people go there are already looking up the book or have the synopsis right in front of them. There doesn’t need to be as lengthy of a description in that context. Enough criticism. There are some parts in here definitely worth reading. Get it along with volume 1 and read them in order. –Craven Rock (Mishap, PO Box 5841, Eugene, OR 97405, [email protected])