MISGUIDED, THE: Home Town Zeros: CD

Sep 08, 2006

This album is very eclectic, in the way that all of their songs showcase a different style of music they like. Some songs sound like they love The Business (like “Anchors Up,” which reminds me of “Guinness Boys”), others like they love Rancid (like “Strange Ave.”), and Bad Religion (like in “Kid Mariposa”). “Anchors Up” is a catchy song about drinking and remembering lost friends. “Running Back” is a song about heartache and repeatedly running back to the wrong woman. And the title track, “Home Town Zeros,” is the band’s anthem as they spell their band’s name repeatedly throughout the song, and talk about leaving their hometown because the punks only like crust music, which is compounded by their carefree attitude to playing to sparse crowds. The song I actually like that stands out to me is “La Noche,” which is sung in Spanish and has a good level of intensity. If you like bands that are hoping to get onto Hellcat—think a variation of Left Alone—you might like them.

 –jenny (Baseline)

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