MISFITS/BALZAC: Don’t Open `Til Doomsday: CDS

Jul 16, 2009

Do you impulsively spend money on music and question why you would spend so much for something? This is the perfect case right here. I had heard of the Japanese 7” pressing of this, and it was not available in the US because the Misfits wanted exclusive distribution rights to North America. It took them a while to get it out in the states. I noticed it was available through their website and, without thinking, I paid for it, not noticing the CD was $15 and if you add tax and shipping and handling, that put it a hair over $21! I guess I’m paying Japanese prices. Oh well, I’ve spent more on things that I should have never bought and the price of collectible punk records is out of control. Well, this CD only has two tracks. The Misfits do a cover of Balzac’s song "Day the Earth Caught Fire," and Balzac takes a newer Misfits song (or 2?), "The Haunting – Don't Open `Til Doomsday," and make it into one they could call their own. The Misfits track is respectable but doesn’t totally capture the magic of Balzac. Now that Jerry Only sings for the Misfits, he doesn’t have the range of a Danzig or Hirosuke of Balzac. Cool concept, but a little too expensive for casual fans.

 –don (Misfits)