Let’s move past the whole “they shouldn’t even be called the Misfits anymore” argument, okay? It’s old. It’s boring. The Jerry Only-fronted version of the band has now existed longer than both of the previous incarnations of the band. There are now kids arguing that they shouldn’t even be called the Misfits anymore because Michale Graves isn’t in the band, kids who don’t really give two shits about that Danzig guy. I’m not saying it’s right. I’m just saying that’s what’s going on. Let’s all stop ranting about names and start ranting about what really matters: the music. This 12” single includes the first two original songs recorded by the Jerry Only, Dez Cadena, and Robo lineup. Since this lineup has basically been touring non-stop for nearly a decade, my hopes were jacked up really high. There was talk that the stuff they had been working on was going to be hardcore, Earth A.D. style. Then I saw the mind-blowing cover art that reconfigures the crimson ghost as a zombie and learned that the songs were inspired by the George Romero’s living dead films. Then I pushed play. The chorus of “Land of the Dead” goes something like “Toniiiiiight! Zombies walk! Land of the dead!” Yikes. When we last heard Only’s golden throat, it was on the Project 1950 album. There he sounded like a mechanic singing along to the hits of the ‘50s while getting grease on his hands working under a car. Here, he basically sounds the same, except instead of singing along to classics, he’s making up nonsense words about the walking dead. The fact that his caterwauling is cranked up too high in the mix doesn’t help. I mean, he’s buried his own barbaric bass bashing, which is one of the highlights of their current sound. Also, while I didn’t really expect anything astounding from Robo, I had hoped that Dez would come up with something a little more exciting than the murky distortion lurking around on this record. Fuck. Who am I kidding? I love this shit.