MISERY JACKALS: No Place for Children: CD

Jun 06, 2014

Hill country bluegrass band, filled with accordion, banjo, piano and all the other fixin’s. Two vocalists take turns singing lead, one with a big, booming Charlie Daniels voice and another sounding a fair amount like John Reis, with the trademark combination of nasal sneer and scratchy, sandpaper grit. But this is more than a paint-by-numbers approach to bluegrass, as this also dips its toe into Celtic, klezmer, ranchera and Tejano pools. Definitely more adventurous than many others doing this sort of thing, though, as a personal point of taste, I do feel like this can became a little grating after a while (so much banjo and some lyrics that are a little too Dr. Demento) and is probably best experienced as some flavor to spice up a mix. 

 –Jeff Proctor (Misery Jackals)