MISERY INDEX: The Killing Gods: CD/LP/Cassette

It’s been four years since Misery Index’s last album, Heirs to Thievery. It was a blistering album that seemed to be the equivalent of getting hit by a semi truck on every song. It never let up with the blast beats and aggressive guitars. That lack of any sort of diversity made it a let down. The Killing Gods is different. There are still blast beats and shredding guitars but there are also guitar solos and some anthemic lines (“Cut the cord and start the fire!” on “The Weakener” being a great one). Misery Index has always been a combination of death, grind, crust, and hardcore, and all those genres can be heard on these twelve songs. Whereas the last album was full-on, the forty-four minutes of The Killing Gods has occasional moments that let the listener breathe, or at least as much as that is possible on an album this heavy. The overtly political message of the band continues, though, but in an intelligent manner. The first five tracks are a meditation on Faust as a symbol of society’s attempt at progress. It’s a literary approach, which shows the band’s intellect and creativity. One can only take so much of being beat over the head with blunt messages of “Government bad! Society sucks!” Then again, with two of the members working on graduate degrees, you’re going to get some more academic takes on the ills of the world. The rest of the album continues their exploration of such topics as apathy, the religious right, and drone warfare. The voice of Misery Index is important in the metal scene, as the music’s intensity and imagination matches that of the lyrics, and both work well together. It’s good to see the band back on track and progressing. Fans of death metal should definitely pick this one up. 

 –kurt (Season Of Mist)