MISERY INDEX: Heirs to Thievery: CD

Jul 06, 2010

Coming on the heels of their amazing album Traitors, Misery Index arrives with their eleven-song, thirty-four minute long album, Heirs to Thievery. Frankly, trying to top their last work was probably asking too much. The grind metal stylings proved to be almost catchy at times on Traitors, so the question had to be asked: which direction would the band go this time? Would it be into something with more of a groove or perhaps mixing more hardcore elements? Well, the band hasn’t done either. Instead, they went the total opposite direction and actually got heavier and more brutal. This is a full-on grind album with copious amounts of blast beats to prove it. But somewhere along the way they lost me. The production is better, sure, but any hooks (yes, there can be hooks, even in grind metal) seem to have been abandoned in favor of punishing the listener with aggressive guitars that don’t let up. While that may sound good to many fans of grind—and metal in general—there’s something that just doesn’t resonate with me like Traitors did. There’s nothing for me to latch onto and yell along with, although there does seem to still be some good political lyrics coming from these guys. In the end, Heirs to Thievery seems to be lacking the breakdowns and hooks. Instead, what you get is a pummeling barrage of music that leaves you impressed but indifferent.

 –kurt (Relapse)