MISERY: From Where the Sun Never Shines: 2 x LP

I have read that there’s been a seventeen year gap since this band has released any new material. Still based in Minneapolis, the band stayed below the radar and spent five years recording a record that can be put up on a pedestal. Continuing on with their DIY ethics, this release was home recorded in their basement. A thought in my mind would say that this would be muddy or thin, but the production values can be matched with any big budget recording out there. Every instrument can be heard clearly and precisely with sonic power. I love the dirtiness of the bass licks mixed into the sharp attack of the guitars. The drums hammer out the beats with impact, complementing the power of the songs. Gruff vocals drive the songs with aggression and fury. Equal bits of crust, metal, and punk are infused to great success, making the songs non-generic and interesting from first listen. I felt engaged on the first listen and am feeling familiarity and comfort on continued listens. Misery takes some of the complexity of Tragedy’s music and mixes it with Amebix’s power. Originally intended as a download only release, I’m glad Inimical picked up the release and put it out on a proper format. In record nerd territory, the packaging is top notch. It’s a double LP in a beautiful gatefold cover and my copy is on grey vinyl. For me, this is a record that will stay on top of its genre. Other bands following this release will have the burden of having to be compared to it.

 –don (Inimical, [email protected])