MISCHIEF BREW: Songs From Under the Sink: LP

Sep 08, 2006

I usually have a quick disregard for one man shows or folk punk or the like, but I had the opportunity to see this one man show called Mischief Brew at my local DIY venue. He brought a crowd uncommon to the venue that was very noticeable when I had first arrived. So, I was skeptical of what was going to transpire. A gentleman plugged in an acoustic guitar into an amplifier and the small but energetic crowd rushed forward to the stage. Song after song, the crowd sang along. Many of the punks that frequent the venue to see crust shows were interspersed in the crowd and were singing too. That sight brought out excitement in me witnessing the moment. This bard was playing music that is described as “acoustic anarcho ballads with tricks galore” that the audience learned the lyrics and sang along. Knowing the lyrics showed that his ideology was soaked into the masses appreciating the performance. If all bands could have that honor, they would achieve the ultimate experience when playing live. It is like witnessing a new generation Shane MacGowan with a new bunch of admirers.

 –don (Fistolo)