MISCHIEF BREW: Bacchanal ‘N’ Philadelphia: CD

Apr 29, 2016

Mischief Brew—the DIY anarcho punk brainchild of Erik Peterson—have remastered and reissued their eclectic resistance anthems from Peterson’s 2003 Bellingham & Philadelphia split with Robert Blake and his Bakenal EP from the same year. Released together in the form of the compilation, Bacchanal ‘N’ Philadelphia, the eleven tracks include a crucial selection of acoustic singalongs, teachable stories, and vagabond odes from the olden days of Mischief Brew. For listeners who weren’t in the know when the project sprung forth from Peterson’s head sixteen years ago, Bacchanal ‘N’ Philadelphia’s rich, crystal clear remasters are the perfect gateway drug to discover some of the earlier entries in the band’s catalog. While the LP is a must-have for serious fans and collectors, the CD art ain’t too shabby either, featuring eight full-color, fold-out panels adorned with lyrics and brand new artwork. “Dare we say classic? Essential?” Peterson mused on Mischief Brew’s blog. “Well, we just did…” 

 –Kelley O’Death (Fistolo, [email protected], fistolo.com)