Miscalculations: Seem to remember these cats being more in line with the Spits, and there is a certain level of thud-punk to the delivery, but there’s also some wavy keyboards thrown in, with odd time signatures and a Mothersbaugh-esque quality to the vocals with pisses all over such trite dismissals. Me likey. Neon Knives: A bit more of a conventional “punk” sound, especially “Acid Eater,” which is built on a driving, dark, and tasty riff. Then they go and fuck up such trite assumptions with their other contribution here, “Clorox,” a bevy of stop/starts chopping up the forward momentum before it has a chance to send you careening off the walls. Great split here. 

 –Jimmy Alvarado (No Front Teeth, nofrontteeth.co.uk)