MINX DELILAH, THE: Blood, Sweat and Beers: CD

Nov 13, 2013

This CD has Warped Tour written all over it to me. To be fair, this style of pop punk isn’t really my thing. It reeks of seeking record contracts and tour buses. The music is produced well and the band is talented, I will give them that as it’s undeniable. There just seems to be a feeling that I get from bands like this and that feeling is phony. The members of this band might be the sweetest kids in the world with the best of intentions but I can’t really help but see them saying stuff like, “We’re going to take the world by storm!” or “We’re going to knock down the doors at MTV and be the next Blink 182!” The cover art looks to be straight out of a Hot Topic ad. Totally not my scene. Sorry, kids.

 –Adam Mullett (Self-released, [email protected])