MINOTAURS, THE: Secret Deals: CS

Apr 29, 2016

The Minotaurs’ debut album, Secret Deals, features eleven tracks of hazy garage rock. The production on its first handful of songs takes the genre quite literally, evoking a particularly tight garage practice pumped through ancient amps and surreptitiously recorded on an old 4-track Tascam. This approach shifts at the midway point with “Hangman,” after which Secret Deals’ remaining cuts seem to have been tracked in a particularly deep cavern or possibly a parallel dimension. There’s a dusting of this space-y tendency throughout the entire release, but it shines most brightly on the appropriately haunting stunner, “Ghost.” A generally experimental tone is apparent here—especially on the swinging “Little Man” and in the boisterous, ecstatic quality of “I Won’t Compete”—which adds a welcome complexity beneath the record’s omnipresent lo-fi hum. 

 –Kelley O’Death (Rare Plant, [email protected], rareplant.bandcamp.com)