Minor Threat: DC Space, Buff Hall, 9:30 Club: DVD

Sep 05, 2007

A DVD reissue of what was originally the Minor Threat Live video, which consisted of a live set recorded at the 9:30 Club on 6/23/83, with additional footage from two other shows dated 12/17/80 and 11/20/82, respectively, and an interview with Ian rounding things out. The video and sound quality vary, with the 9:30 Club stuff being the best in that respect, but all have their charms, like watching Ian sing to a pretty amped crowd while sporting a rather large lump on his noggin incurred in an accident just before the show. Although the splice and dice presentation of the interview (all the questions spliced together, followed by all of his answers spliced together) was a bit annoying, all the hits can be found here, the energetic performances are a helluva lotta fun to watch, and the long, detailed intros before each performance are very informative and provide some perspective for those who weren’t there. In short, essential viewing. –Jimmy Alvarado (Dischord)