MINKS, THEE: Are You Ready Now?: CD

Jun 29, 2007

Tough girl garage punk here from some Philly women who seem like they may actually be bad asses, not just playing them on stage. Simple and straight forward garage punk from start to finish. The single was damn good, but this full length is fantastic! Fans of Downbeat 5, The Winks, and Hot Damn should be all over this. This band makes such great use of the trio format; the songs sound great and full. Apparently, one of them plays with Mondo Topless from time to time. Steel Cage has a knack for putting out the best pure garage punk, like Thee Minks and the Earaches, that is the best shit happening right now. There is no best song on this disc, they are all smokin’! Now go check out their awesome Pink N Black website.

 –frame (Steel Cage)