Jan 19, 2016

Cozy Body play mellow post-punk tunes that are prone to slow downs and rising crescendos. Guitars and vocals are replete with echoey, hazy effects that create a sort of continuous, unhurried jam, one song melding to the next. When one song distinguishes itself from the mix, the band brings to mind Built To Spill, or any other similarly well-paced rock group that enables itself to cover more ground—the mellow, the steady, the aggressive—all because it’s not in a hurry or tied to big choruses. “Was the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Me” is a track to check out. The second time I listened to this was when I watched some friends go rat fishing in an alley using a Halloween Whopper as bait. When one side of the tape ended and I didn’t flip it, people demanded it be flipped. The rats were biting, the music was playing. Easy, breezy, beautiful, Mineral Girls; it’s the soundtrack to your alley. 

 –Jim Joyce (Self-Aware)

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