MINDSET: Now, More Than Ever: CD

Nov 13, 2013

Straight edge hardcore in the East Coast vein. This CD collects an LP and two 7”s from this Baltimore, Maryland band. I’m sure those more familiar with the straight edge hardcore movement could pinpoint this sound a little better, but I hear elements of Gorilla Biscuits, 7 Seconds, and Dag Nasty, though the final product on the 2012 Leave No Doubt LP portion of this disc is much closer to the heavier, more metallic sounds of Sick Of It All and Cro-Mags. Right up my alley. Over the course of its ten songs and eighteen minutes, Mindset burns through well-written, well-executed and well-recorded hardcore, with intelligent and clearly heartfelt lyrics. Hardcore can sometimes lose me when it’s screamed to such a degree that you need a lyric sheet to figure out what they’re so goddamn angry about. Not the case here. Plenty of aggression and vitriol in the vocals, all with clear enunciation; what a concept! The next ten tracks come from 7”s released in 2008 and 2009. Same vein, but sounding a little more like the latest wave of hardcore that I’m more familiar with like Government Warning and Wasted Time. Whether you’re straight edge or not, this is some good fucking hardcore. I’ll be searching out the Leave No Doubt vinyl release for sure.

 –Chad Williams (Refuse, refuserecords.prv.pl, [email protected])