MINDS, THE: We Got the Pop b/w Brain That Wouldn’t Die, Don’t Wanna Die in My Sleep Tonight: 7"

Jun 22, 2007

The Minds are cracking and looting a huge safe that few have been able to get inside of. They’re taking the danceability of non-ass, diamond-tipped new wave, coupling it to the raw snot of punk, and charging it all by the dynamite of pure pop. And they aren’t just sucking off a one trick pony and spitting its efforts into your ears again and again. Synthesizers go from gentle touch to jackhammering. The guitars buzz, rake, then soothe back, and Mike Mind, who can shift from tasteful to manic between stick clicks, is a far cry from a mere drum machine. The three songs on this 7” prove that the Minds are beginning to cast their own long shadow beyond the formidable Epoxies.

 –todd (Plastic Idol)

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