MINDS, THE: Knifed: 7” EP

What a difference five or so years make. Half a decade ago, it was a three-way sprint between the Epoxies, Briefs, and Spits to the swirling vortex of the middle of my record player’s spindle. The Minds were that perfect vanilla/chocolate/Crustie-O’s swirl of the Epoxies’ ray-gun synthesizers, Spits’ fiery, fungusy snot, and Briefs’ duffle bag of tight-fitting hooks. When punk was beating up new wave, then putting its arm around it, giving it a too-close hug, then taking another close punch. Well, Cerra Bella Palsey, Bobby Brains, The Cortex, The Thinker, and one of my favorite bashers Mikey Mind (aka Bloodbath and Beyond’s Mikey Napkin) haven’t mellowed, haven’t tamed any demons, and come out like a Moog on fire while casting sharp-hooked lures into the eyeballs of their audience… and that’s a supreme compliment. (If you can find it, The Minds Plastic Girls full length is well worth your time.)

 –todd (Plastic Idol)