MINDLESS SHOW, THE: 10 Years of Epic Failures: CD

Jan 19, 2016

This partial discography documents the past decade’s worth of music from these Malaysian punks. The twenty-three tracks are an eclectic mix of styles, including melodic hardcore, streetpunk, pop punk, weird jazzy breakdowns, and a handful of ska moments. It’s raw and scrappy as hell, and the weirdness is really what makes it. These guys play with so much unabashed energy that they frequently knock themselves a little out of time and key, especially in the early tracks. The lyrics are mostly in English, and while some of the translation is rough around the edges the underlying messages shine through. They’re fed up with dead-end jobs, conformity, capitalism, racism, and media bullshit, to name a few targets of their vitriol. Pretty relatable stuff. This gets especially good toward the end of the CD, predictably; it’s rad to hear how much they tighten up over the course of a few years. Definitely worth checking out, especially for fans of international punk.

 –Indiana Laub (Pissart, [email protected], pissart.blogspot.com)

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