MINDLESS: Planet of Pestilence: 7” EP

May 20, 2014

Planet of Pestilence is Mindless’s newest release following 2010’s cassette, Human Conditioning. Faiza Kracheni and friends kill it again. With nine quick songs, Mindless balance the shred and sludge of their last EP with noticeable melody. “Contamination” is a slow, pummeling march, the sonic equivalent of that eye-stabbing scene Fulci’s Zombi—visceral and gleefully gratuitous. I don’t have a great ear for grinding faster hardcore groups, but what stays with me is Kracheni’s throaty roar (harsher than on the last cassette) and the total virtuosity of the band, which can halt on a dime and join the violence of percussion with the musicality of their billowing and smoky guitar-driven storms. If Hatred Surge or the Endless Blockade were ever your thing, or if you grabbed the last Mindless cassette, Planet of Pestilence is worth the follow up.   –Jim Joyce (To Live A Lie, tolivealie.com)