MIND SPIDERS: World Destroyed: 7”

Jul 06, 2010

Another cool band that I got to see in Texas and I picked up the record. Well, by seeing them, I was wedged in the doorway of a sweltering record store on a very hot Austin afternoon with a lot of beer to keep me sane. Come to think of it, I actually couldn’t see them, but it sounded great. Mind Spiders are like a slightly slowed down Marked Men with a hefty dose of Beach Boys or Ronnettes and a little Pixies thrown into the mix. The Marked Men reference makes sense, as the leader of this unit is Mark Ryan of Marked Men. A little fuzz and keyboards are thrown in to give it a few more layers and it all makes for a fun, relaxing, and downright enjoyable record. Can’t wait for more.

 –ty (Dirtnap)