MIND SPIDERS: Prosthetic: LP

Any time any former member of DentonTexas’s Marked Men releases some new music, it is cause to celebrate. It is no secret how much this group of guys’ music speaks to me, especially Mark Ryan’s Mind Spiders. For those unaware of this amazing band, here’s the run down: off-kilter, guitar- and synth-driven pop songs with heavy science fiction themes throughout. I often describe them as Marked Men meets Devo through the filter of a 1950s comic book. I love them. So here we are with Mind Spiders’ fourth full-length offering Prosthetic,and we find the sound evolving again. Right from the first song it is apparent that there is a harder, scrappier sound (perhaps the influence of long-time bass player Daniel Fried) and ever-further leaning into digital and synth territory. There is a heavier Devo spirit lurking within and it works masterfully. Over everything, we have Ryan’s words telling stories of alien loneliness and frustration. I keep playing it over and over, and every time I hear something new that gives me the shivers and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. With Prosthetic, Mind Spiders are going on the attack. We are seeing the beginning of their full-fledged invasion. 

 –Ty Stranglehold (Dirtnap)