Mind Spiders is one of those bands that makes me both giddy and seething with envy. Fan-geek Jimmy is just happy as pie to gorge on the cornucopia of styles they bandy about here like nothing: punk, garage rock, power pop, and, at points, even veering dangerously into psychedelia and shoegazer terra. Then, halfway through, things veer off with a sharp left into synth-drenched Numanesque new wave land. Glorious. Hack guitar player Jimmy just boils with impotent rage at the fact that, like sister bands Marked Men and Potential Johns, they have that uncanny ability to make even the simplest chord progressions sound so perfect, like, “Well hell, of course they went that way. Why the hell couldn’t I think of that?” Fuck you, Mind Spiders for being so goddamned great, and please keep doin’ what you’re doin’.

 –jimmy (Dirtnap)