May 01, 2012

I know I’ve got down this road before in these very pages, but it must be stated again that I love me some music from Texas. I’m not sure how the geography plays into it, but there is a disproportionate amount of Lone Star State bands in my list of favorites across many genres. Why am I dragging out this old chestnut of information? It’s the friggin’ Mind Spiders, man! Mark Ryan is a mad scientist who is mixing some of my favorite Texan things to make sweet armadillo love to my earholes... First off, there is the disjointed pop aggression that Ryan is well known for in bands like Marked Men and High Tension Wires. It’s here in fine form, creating the base of this sculpture. From there, these Mind Spiders begin to add layers of sonic vandalism to the mix, invoking more shimmering, hallucinogenic imagery in the vein of Butthole Surfers and Roky Erickson. It is a sweet and addictive blend. I went from liking their debut 7”, to loving their first LP and now to having to pick my jaw up off the floor, still in shock from what I just experienced. I can’t imagine what the next one will be like.

 –ty (Dirtnap)

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