MIND SPIDERS: Inhumanistic: LP

Nov 13, 2013

My puny earthling mind cannot begin to comprehend the sounds hitting my ear holes. It’s like waves of science that were created specifically for my enjoyment. With each repeat listen I find myself falling deeper and deeper into the lair of the Mind Spiders. Leader Mark Ryan is an alien scientist, calmly asking questions, making observations, and doing research on the human condition. Every question is asked for a reason, every emotion is clinically analyzed. Every story detailed. Musically, the band continues to build upon last year’s Meltdown, taking some of the best aspects of some of my favorite bands such as Devo, Pixies, and (of course) Marked Men and distilling them into something that is, simply put, unearthly. This is easily in line for album of the year in my book.

 –ty (Dirtnap)