MIND SPIDERS: 4-song EP: 7"

Jul 06, 2010

Mark Ryan is probably most well known for being in the Marked Men, and is undoubtedly a large part of that band’s fascinating chemical reaction. He’s also been a long runner in the you-should-check-them-out High Tension Wires and was a one-time Riverboat Gamblers guitarist. This collection of four songs showcases a slightly less frenetic Mark, peeling apart songs, letting them spool out, and then drenching them in an almost wet layer of sonics. Sick with hooks and natural-sounding (for some reason, I keep picturing highly polished wood grain), there’s a sheen to these songs (which Mark recorded himself, I believe), but it’s there to highlight and bring out some lustrous, subtle textures that’d be lost if the production was mindlessly scuffed, forced, and agitated “to be more ‘punk’.” Great stuff.

 –todd (Dirtnap)