MIND CONTROLS: Self-titled: CD

Every now and again (though not nearly enough) a band comes along that you love from the first note. It just finds a place among your other favorite records and refuses to budge. Mind Controls don’t seem to be in danger of leaving my rotation for a very long time, but (and probably because) they’re a hard one to nail down. There will be a hint of The Undertones (like the opening of the album – especially in the drums) in one song, and then a hint of the New York Dolls in another, but at no time does it feel like that hint is anything more than that. A mere tip of the hat to some possible influences without ever coming near imitation. Mind Controls have taken elements from what I can only imagine is a pretty impressive record collection to build something that feels fresh and new. Neighbors and roommates be damned because this has been cranked for a month now and I don’t see me turning it off any time soon. The best record of the year so far.

 –megan (Dirtnap)